The Postpartum Box


Everything a new mom and her baby needs (and something small for dad too)
(Due to Corona and daily changes in the market, there may be some modifications to your box)

Etrog & Citrus Juice (to strengthen the womb), Halva Square, Massage Oil for the Baby, Mini Abadi (Savory Mizrahi Cookies), Ma’amul Cookies (made with Dates), Ingredients to make Golden Milk (recipe included), Cumin (to help your body get back into order),Granola with dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews, Medjool Dates,  Almonds, Sundried Tomato Spread, Olive Oil & Flaxseed Crackers, Almond and cranberries covered in dark chocolate, Nigella Seed Techina, Two Beers (because daddy deserves some pampering too), a Jerusalem Lion blankie, and Olive Bread.

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• All boxes will include additional seasonal products and last minute surprises from us • Delivery throughout the country • The boxes will be delivered on Friday by Shabat candle-lighting • Deliver on any other day of the week is available for an additional charge • If coordinated in advance, the packages can be picked up from Jerusalem, Agripas 28, free of delivery charge • Slight changes in the content of the boxes are possible, in accordance with the supply available in the Shuk.

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