Annual Subscription

Look, this is not for everyone,

The annual subscription is intended for people who love Jerusalem and love surprises.

People who find themselves missing the Jerusalem Market, the smells, the tastes and the people.

You do not need it,

It’s not bread or even butter,

It’s a pure luxury.

199 NIS a month will get you a box with treats from Jerusalem to your home (in Israel).

There are those who open the box and the flavors blow them away,

There are some that it causes them to shed a tear or two,

The stories behind the people and the items makes them miss Jerusalem.

Others say the box is one of their highlights of the month,

And is the special treat they look forward to all month long.

What I’m trying to say is,

That this is the most fun gift for yourself or others.

Each month has a theme, and the content is determined according to the theme of the month.

There are themes according to the cycle of life, for example: Winter, Passover, Summer Vacation…

And there are topics that are Jerusalem businesses, for example: a Jerusalem roasting house, artists, writers, a cafe that only locals know of, etc.

Usually the box will contain food, but not always.

In conclusion,
Welcome to our subscription community!

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