Annual Subscription

For those who know us and love us, this is a special offering for you.

We put together the annual subscription box specifically for Jerusalem lovers who also have a sweet spot for surprises.

If you often find yourself missing, craving and feeling nostalgic for the Machne Yehuda Market, the smells, the tastes and the people of the city, then we are talking to you.

Each month has a theme and all the contents of the box complement this theme accordingly. Some past themes have included the cycle of life, the seasons, high holidays (and all the others), while other popular topics have included Jerusalem businesses, artists, writers, a cafe that only locals know about…you get the gist. Please note, the box will usually contain food, but not always.

This is by no means a necessity for everybody; it’s not bread or even butter, but it is a pure luxury and a joyful monthly gift filled with surprises.
$95 a month will get you a box of authentic Jerusalem treats delivered straight to your home
wherever you live in the world!

Open the box and be blown away by the flavors, have a sentimental moment recalling your own memories in Jerusalem, specifically the stories behind special people you have met and the specific things that make you miss the Holy City.

Many say the box is one of their highlights of the month and is the special treat they look forward to all month long. We know you will feel the same.

We welcome you to join our community.

Leave details so we can tell you first about promotions and benefits

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