The Nutshell

Hello, my name is Chen Koren. I live in the Machane Yehuda Shuk (market), in Jerusalem – the beating heart of my world and so many others who call it home.

Every day I meet groups in the shuk and take them on a culinary journey, up and down and across the bustling stalls, tasting dishes that delicately, but expertly, weave the authentic story of Jerusalem’s past, present and future.

I’ve been walking this walk for eight years every day, sometimes twice a day. The shuk is my second home, the merchants are my second family; sometimes I feel closer to them than anyone else.

Box From Jerusalem was born from my life in the shuk. It’s a curated, nutshell version of a guided walk through the market’s curiosities, filled with locally-produced treats that simply can’t be missed.

We ship our special boxes across Israel, and we also ship abroad, so if you long for the shuk’s smells and tastes, we can deliver the vibrant, welcoming flavors straight to your doorstep.

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For more information about our boxes, click here, where you can choose from our variety of treats.

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With all our love, 

From Jerusalem

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