“Box from Jerusalem" – Just what is it?

Box from Jerusalem” came into the world during the summer of 2018.

Dusk descends on Shuk Machane Yehuda.
The exact moment between light and dark,
When the sun sets on the stalls.
Shop owners cry out last-minute deals:
“What a beautiful cherry, and you are beautiful too!”
And more sights and sounds like that.
It was at that moment as I was ending a food tour of the Shuk,
That the idea for the “Box from Jerusalem” was born.

box from jerusalem

“Box from Jerusalem” comes from the heart and soul of the world.
It’s filled with delicious, fresh, local Jerusalem products.

The box is crafted from wood.
Handmade by Israeli carpenters.
And within it, a culinary world,
Smells of home, tastes of love.

Our genuine Jerusalem boxes can be shipped worldwide
to gladden hearts – and stomachs – everywhere.
Everyone who receives one,
Opens it, and unwraps its contents oh so slowly,
As hints of Shuk Machane Yehuda spread through their home and body.

During these strange and unpredictable days, you can still enjoy the flavors and tastes from these legends of the Shuk:

  • Yossi Mizrachi’s roasted nuts.
  • Uzieli’s healing fruit juices.
  • The Basher Family’s award-winning cheeses.
  • Lucas’ homemade spreads.
  • Itzik’s famous Marzipan rugelach.
  • Cohen’s pickled fish.
  • Azura’s hand-rolled grape leaves.
  • Tzion’s Yerushalmi bagels.
  • Cake from the Keren and Itzik Kadosh’s bakery.

And so many other magnificent foods made by legends.

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