Traditional SHABBAT Dinner

We invite you to our Shabbat table,

in the heart of the world.


An 130-year-old Jerusalem house with painted floors and arches that hold secrets.

We will share with you dishes from ancient kitchens, and culinary stories that have passed from mother to daughter, for generations.

The evening will begin with the Jewish Kiddush ceremony, the song of Eshet Chayil and the blessing of Hamutzi Lechem.

Afterwards, we will serve you some traditional salads and bread, and we will continue with a conversation about everything that comes up to our mind.

Sample Menu:

• Slices of fresh basil in Harissa, honey and rose blossoms.

• Chard leaves stuffed with lamb meat with rice and mint in a lemon sauce.

• Fakila – a spinach dish cooked long with meat and garlic.

• Medium-sized chicken and Uzbek apricots, roasted pine nuts and date honey.

• Yellow green rice with seasonal spices.

• wine, water and soda.

• Black coffee or herbal teas will be served at the end of the meal, along with traditional sweet trays.

• more surprises according to the mood, the season and the market.

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