The Mehadrin Box


All the best goodies that the Shuk (market) has to offer, just without the animal products
(Due to Corona and daily changes in the market, there may be some modifications to your box)

A Bottle of Wine, Camembert Cheese, Pistachio Halva, Pistachio & Cranberry Biscotti, Abadi Crackers, Marzipan Bakery’s Famous Rugelach, Honey from Jerusalem mountains, Almonds and Cashews in Chili and Rosemary, Excellent Mediterranean Granola, Pollen and Hazelnut Spread, Ground Black Coffee from the Hills of Jerusalem, Corn Nachos, Cashew Pecan Pie spread, Local Techina, Miasi Peanut snack, Bar of dark Chocolate, Dry tomatoes and Herb Bread, Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie, Charred Tomato Spread.

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* The boxes are created in Jerusalem and will be delivered to your home on Tuesday Friday before the Sabbath.
* For deliveries on any other day, please email for a price quote.



Most delicious Mehadrin-certified products that the Shuk (market) has to offer!

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• All boxes include additional seasonal products and last minute surprises from us • Delivery is available throughout the country • The boxes will be delivered on Tuesday or Friday, before Shabbat • Delivery on any other day of the week is available for an additional charge • If coordinated in advance, the packages can be picked up from Agripas 28, Jerusalem, free of an additional delivery charge • Minor item changes are possible, in accordance with the supply available at the Shuk.