Jerusalem fragrances in a box


No matter where in the world you live, Shuk Machane Yehuda is coming to you.

Pistachio Halva and Coffee and cardamom Halva by Chef Kamel, ground coffee with an intoxicating smell from the small cafe on the corner, Berry Fruit Leather, Miasi – an addictive peanut snack, Cinnamon Crackers, A mixture of nuts coated in salty maple, espresso vanila peanut butter, Excellent jam from Ella, natural soap bar – locally produced, spice set – Za’atar spice with sesame seeds and freshly ground Sumac, Bedouin tea infusion, Date Honey from Brahi dates – natures caramel .
And of course an exciting postcard with your blessing all packaged to perfection..

Feel free to order the Box from Jerusalem to your home, or to friends and family,
near and far.

* We will deliver your Box from Jerusalem within 2-14 business days from the date in which your order was placed (Please note that there may be shipping delays due to Corona).

* Picture shown for illustration purposes only.

* At this time, the Internationally-Shipped Box from Jerusalem is only available to residents living outside of Israel (Looking for a box to be shipped within Israel? Check out our boxes here ).

Please note: Depending on the size and weight of the Box from Jerusalem, customs duties and taxes for shipping may apply. If this fee is applied, the customer will be required to pay these additional costs. 

  • Important Information:

    There are some countries that charge a customs duty fee. It is not possible to know this in advance but only after the package arrives at the destination. If there is a customs payment, it automatically applies to the recipient. If you wish, there is a possibility of transferring the customs payment to the customer (i.e., you) so that the recipient will not bear any payment upon receiving of the package. To select this option - mark V in the place indicated below. Upon choosing this option, you undertake to bear the cost of customs duty as well as a handling fee of NIS 40. The exact amount of the customs fee (if any) becomes clear only after 30-60 days from the moment the package arrives at the destination, and the payment will be made by phone with a credit card. As always, we will be happy to be at your service

    • 12.19176 $


A box from Jerusalem to the whole world!

Plenty of delicious treats from the Judea Market (market) camp, delivered to you, anywhere in the world.


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• There may be slight changes in the boxes, depending on the stock in the market.