Healthy treats (Vegan)


A lot of products and recipes for healthy quality time.

(Due to Corona and daily changes in the market, there may be some modifications to your box)

The book 100% natural with a hundred healthy and easy recipes by Shi-Li Lipa (in Hebrew), mixed grain sourdough bread, Brahi dates – nature’s caramel , Israeli olive oil, unroasted walnut mixture, fresh seasonal fruit (currently cherries), energy balls, a pair of beautiful glasses for smoothies , Yossi Mizrahi’s goji berry granola, ginger, organic za’atar spice, pollen and hazelnut spread, roasted sesame tahini, localy made natural soap bar, apricot fruit leather, sun dried tomatoes, and date honey.

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* The boxes are created in Jerusalem and will be delivered to your home on Tuesday or Friday before the Sabbath.
* For deliveries on any other day, please email for a price quote.

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Everything you need to warm your body, and heart.

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• All boxes include additional seasonal products and last minute surprises from us • Delivery is available throughout the country • The boxes will be delivered on Tuesday or Friday, before Shabbat • Delivery on any other day of the week is available for an additional charge • If coordinated in advance, the packages can be picked up from Agripas 28, Jerusalem, free of an additional delivery charge • Minor item changes are possible, in accordance with the supply available at the Shuk.