The Picnic Box – family size


 Spend Quality Time with your Family: enjoy this unique and delicious box together
(Due to Corona and daily changes in the market, there may be some modifications to your box)

A loaf of sourdough bread (depending on what the bakers in the market will prepare that morning), a lemon artichoke spread made by Noam Mizrahi, sun-dried tomato spread, excellent jam, olive mixture, labneh cheese with olive oil and za’atar, goat gouda, charcoal brei cheese that come with pistachio biscotti and salted toffee caramel (there is also a recipe, do not worry), Selenova lettuce with roasted almonds and dried mango cubes + a recipe for the perfect salad, pistachio halva, miasi – an addictive peanut snack, very chocolaty Jerusalem rugalach, rosemary crackers, a pack of excellent chocolate pralines, a mixture of chopped nuts , mixed berry fruit leather, enamel plate for salad or in general, and a checkered tablecloth.

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* The boxes are created in Jerusalem and will be delivered to your home on Tuesday or Friday before the Sabbath.
* For deliveries on any other day, please email for a price quote.

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קופסא מעץ – 700 ש"ח, סל פיקניק – 800 ש"ח