(The Indulgent Box (for two


All you need for a great date, out in the nature, or at the comfort of your own home
(Due to Corona and daily changes in the market, there may be some modifications to your box)

Sourdough bread with olives, Truffle Butter, Sun-dried tomato spread, Labneh spread with Za’atar & Olive Oil, Camembert, Brie Cheese with Figs, Halva, Peanut, Vanilla and Espresso spread, Local Kalamata Olives, Chocolate Balls (pop them in your mouth and get ready for the best surprise), Crispy Corn Snacks, Maple Syrup Caramelized Sea-Salted Nuts, Mini Abadi (Savory Mizrahi Cookies), Fig Jam, Yerushalmi Rugelach, Herb Plant, Bottled Cold Coffee, A bag of Radiatori pasta & tomato sauce (that is ready serve with just a pinch of salt), a drink from Uzi Eli as a blessing for a peaceful home, Bottle of Wine, Amaretto Cherry Preserves.



• All boxes will include additional seasonal products and last minute surprises from us • Delivery throughout the country • The boxes will be delivered on Friday by Shabat candle-lighting • Deliver on any other day of the week is available for an additional charge • If coordinated in advance, the packages can be picked up from Jerusalem, Agripas 28, free of delivery charge • Slight changes in the content of the boxes are possible, in accordance with the supply available in the Shuk.
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Wooden Box – 660 Nis