Box from Jerusalem

Gluten-free Box

All the goodness of the Shuk without an ounce of flour

Orange flavored butter cookies, Mixed olive tapenade, Bag of coffee with intoxicating aroma, Hard apple cider, Tomato candy, Confiture by Ofaïmme Farms, Stuffed grape leaves by Sabbah, Amalie goat cheese by Ofaïmme Farms, Sesame and Espresso butter, Mixed berry fruit leather, Can of olive oil, London—Caramel-coated treats in maple syrup and sea salt, Mind-blowing sundried tomato spread.

470 NIS

Beginners Box

A small box with treats from the market

Superb granola by Yossi Mizrachi, London—Caramel-coated treats in maple syrup and sea salt, Savory Abadi mini-treats, Mixed berry fruit leather, Confiture by Ofaïmme Farms, Two-pack of domestic beer, Jerusalem rugelach, Pistachio Halva, Bedouin tea infusion, Jar of cracked Syrian olives, Bar of local chocolate, Amazing sundried tomato spread, Poppyseed and cinnamon pastry from Russel’s Bakery (Sun.—Thu. this is substituted with a Jerusalem Bagel).

450 NIS

Box for Mommy

Everything Mommy and Baby may need (and a few treats for Daddy too)

Natural Calendula-Marigold cream, Massage oil flor baby, Postnatal nutrition oil, Natural luffa, Two-pack of beer (because Daddy needs some pampering too), Golden Milk prep kit, recipe included, Cumin (for putting everything back in place), Nigella-seed tahina, Superb granola, Medjool dates, Natural almonds, Crackers by Dita, Sundried tomato spread.

550 NIS

Foodies Box

For anyone who loves good food and new flavors

Citrus zest halva, Truffle butter, Fenugreek confiture, Almond and coconut spread, Mixed berry fruit leather, Tarragon liqueur, Chai masala, Superb real marzipan, Bag of superb marmalades, Five-year aged cow’s milk Gouda, Char-coated goat’s milk Brie by Ofaïmme Farms, Roasted-sesame tahina, Insane raspberry chocolate, Old school Jerusalem yeast cake.

600 NIS

Jerusalem Sabbath

Shabbat morning with Jahnun and Kugel, arak and lupine

Jerusalem Kugel, Charred “Baladi” eggplant, Lupine, Round Challah for Shabbat, Lemon and pepper pickled olives, Stuffed grape leaves by Sabbah, Anchovy spread, Arak by Golan’s Grandpa, Bouquet of aromatic herbs, Jahnun for Shabbat morning, Assorted roasted nuts, Pickled mini-eggplants, Licorice.

550 NIS

Pampering for two

Everything you need for a party for two in the outdoors or around the dining room table

Olive bread from Russel’s Bakery, Camembert cheese, Sesame and espresso butter, Superb honey from the Jerusalem Hills, Soft nougat treat, Chocolate from Ya’ar Hacacao, Mushroom and chestnut Gouda, Pickled gherkins, Mixed berry fruit leather, Crispy corn munchies, Caramel-coated treats in maple syrup and sea salt, Confiture by Ofaïmme Farms, Legendary Jerusalem rugelach, EtroGat, for peace at home.

700 NIS

Quicky Box– self-pickup only

If you happen to be in the Shuk and you want to come home with a box of treats

* must pre-order at least 4 hours in advance

Mixed berry fruit leather, Insane granola, Caramel-coated treats in maple syrup and sea salt, Confiture by Ofaïmme Farms, Olive oil soap, Jar of olives, Two-pack of Israeli beer, Sesame and Espresso butter, Crispy corn munchies, Legendary Jerusalem rugelach, Locally produced chocolate, Coffee and cardamom halva.

300 NIS

Box of Joy for Everybody

If you didn’t find yourself in any box—this is the box for you!

Galilee tea from the Jerusalem Hills, Confiture by Ofaïmme Farms, Hard apple cider, Poppyseed and cinnamon pastry from Russel’s Bakery, Raspberry chocolate, Truffle butter, Sundried tomato spread, Legendary Jerusalem rugelach, Olive oil soap, Coffee and cardamom halva, Crispy corn munchies, Walnut Brie, Bag of marmalades, Savory Abadi mini-treats, Caramel-coated treats in maple syrup and sea salt.

660 NIS

Things to know

  • Each box will also contain additional seasonal last-minute surprises and treats from us.
  • We deliver anywhere—anywhere—in the country.
  • Deliveries are made Fridays, before Shabbat candle-lighting time. Deliveries on any other day are available for an extra charge.
  • Boxes may undergo some minor changes, based on availability.

Here for any questions

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