Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem

7 בדצמבר 2016

Every culture is essentially a special blend of various habits and traditions of local habitants. But the way this blends – that's what creates the uniqueness and identity of each ethnicity. Especially when it comes to the Jewish heritage, and when it comes to Jerusalem. The Jewish people were scattered around Europe and all around the world for over two millenniums and the process of going back to the land the ancestors is still in progress. And that's what makes the cuisine of Jerusalem extremely special. And it all comes down intensely on the Sabbat dinner, which is the most symbolic tradition in every Jewish congregation. The second most important gathering is probably The Seder of Passover.

What the dinner consists of?

When you're thinking about Shabbat dinner – it's so much more than the food. If you'd ask anyone, it's the special combination of candle lights, the way their smell blends in with the scent of freshly-baked Halah and the intoxicating aroma of the wine. The holiness of the event is shaded by the amount of dishes, which are always enormous, filling and unique to each of the origins: whether it is the Middle East (Iraq, Morocco, Tunis, Yemen and more), Western Europe or Europe. In Jerusalem it all comes together to represent the wealth of the Jewish history.

Experience Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem with a private chef

Being hosted by Chen and Alon Koren for Shabbat dinner is the most authentic way to experience the traditional Jewish family gathering. The cooking of Chen and Alon Koren is specialized on the most everlasting Jewish traditions. Join them for a night to remember!

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